Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A New Fabric Choice and A New Fabric Store to Love

It has been quite a few months since I have posted on the blog. With the start of a new school year for my girls and the start of the holiday season, I thought it would be great time to put some new energy into the blog and begin writing again.

Last week, I drove to New York to visit my parents and to help care for my mom who was being released from a nursing rehab facility. She had surgery in September for colon cancer and wasstill struggling to gain her strength back.  I spent time cleaning and cooking/freezing some meals for them while also keeping them company.  I think my Dad had become lonely in the house by himself the 3-4 weeks she was gone so he enjoyed having someone to tell stories to.

While driving back on Sunday, I decided to stop at the Fancy Gap Pottery and Fabric Outlet in Fancy Gap, VA.  It is conveniently located right off the exit on I-77 and it came at a perfect point in my trip to stop and stretch the legs.

This store was more than I had hoped for!  I had never been in the store and wasn't sure what to expect.  They had SO much to look through but I decided (for the sake of time) to focus on cotton prints for quilting and bag making. I did look at the flannel quickly but nothing caught my eye like it did in the quilter's cottons.  The prices were very reasonable and it was hard to not go up to the cutting counter with an armful of bolts!  Many of the fabrics were the same as I had seen online from other retailers and were less expensive at this store.

Here are the prints that I chose. I bought 2-4 yards of all but the glasses print (I only bought one yard).

They had some of the most colorful and fun prints!  I also went to the pottery side of the store and purchased a new top for my birdbath (I had dropped my previous one and it broke into two pieces).  I was actually very excited about that as well as it can be hard to find a store that will only sell you one part of a birdbath and not the whole thing.

This week in my Etsy shop, I have added a new fabric to the catheter bag and nephrostomy bag choices.  I purchased this fabric a while ago along with several others but thought it looked like a fall print and so I saved it until now.  I just love this beige paisley print.

This is a cross body bag cover for 600ml drainage bag or nephrostomy bag. It has a 60" long strap that can be adjusted with the metal hardware.

This is a cross body bag for a 2000ml catheter bag cover and it also comes with a 60" adjustable strap but I do offer to make it longer for those who may be taller or a larger build.  

The rest of this week will be busy with Etsy orders and personal sewing, our dog Mason has his next chemo treatment tomorrow, and our girls have off from school half day tomorrow and full day on Friday.  I will make sure to post some pictures of the personal sewing I am doing as I am having fun with it!

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Favorite Fabric has been Discontinued

While we were in NY visiting family over the holidays, I looked online and realized that the most popular fabric in my shop has been discontinued!  I bought what I could at a store up there but I cannot find it anywhere close to me here in NC.

This is the fabric that I am so sad to see go.

This is such a great fabric with a graphite gray dot color scheme.  It has been the most popular non-solid fabric in my shop for catheter bag, tubing and nephrostomy bag covers. I do have some of this fabric left and can make a couple more items in the shop.  I did write to the company to see if I could get one more bolt but I have not heard back yet.  I will keep everyone posted though!  I hope to bring some new fabrics into the shop that will be just as great.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tubing Covers

Many folks have questions about how the tubing covers that I make work.  Hopefully this post will help to answer some of those questions but please feel free to message me if you have additional questions or concerns!

I make two different sizes in catheter tubing covers.  The first is for 2000mL drainage bags.  I make these approx. 42" in length.  Your tubing may be a little longer and this is okay.  Most folks don't really want it spanning from edge to edge on the length.  If you do need a much longer size, feel free to contact me and I can always make a custom size for you.

The tubing cover is 42" in length and 3.75" when open and laid flat.  These are designed to wrap around tubing that is approx. 1/2" in diameter.

These tubing covers are held closed by 12 sets of Velcro strips the entire length of the tubing cover.  This makes for easy on and off.

On one end of the tubing cover there is an extra set of Velcro strips.  This is for folks who use a catheter bag cover that also has Velcro at the top.  You can attach this extra set on the tubing cover to the catheter bag cover to help prevent slipping.

 The other end of the tubing cover has a small piece of elastic sewn in that also helps the tube cover from sliding and slipping too much.

Folks are able to just order tubing covers in the shop or they can add them to their order when purchasing a 2000mL catheter bag cover.

The second size tubing covers that I make is a little smaller.  These are made for the 600mL drainage bags or nephrostomy bags.  

Because the tubing varies so much in length for the 600mL drainage bags, I need to make these as custom orders.  If you are ordering a nephrostomy bag cover and wish to add a matching tubing cover, please contact me and we can add one.  

These basically have the same features as the longer tubing covers with the Velcro strips and elastic on one end but these are only about 3" wide when laid flat as they are made to wrap around tubing that is 1/4" in diameter.  I have made these in lengths as short as 12" and as long as 22".  

I hope that helps to explain the tubing covers a little better. It can be hard to capture everything in words and pictures in my Etsy listings.  Please feel free to contact me at should you have any questions! You can browse the current selection of tubing covers in my shop here:

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Catheter Bag Covers

I wanted to take some time this week and write a little bit about the different style drainage bag covers that I make. I started making these types of items three years ago as a special request for my friend Cathy and since then I have branched out to different types of covers.

This is the drainage bag cover that started it all...the catheter bag cover.  This cover is made for a 2000mL bag so it is one of the larger types of drainage bags.  This is the single strap bag cover and it was meant to hang from a wheelchair, bed rail or a walker (my friend uses it on the back of her

This bag cover measures 13" wide and is 14.5" tall.  There is hook and loop tape at the bottom and top of the cover which take up some space inside the bag.

The strap opens on one end so it can go over a walker or bed rail.  There are d-rings to fasten and adjust the length of the strap.  The long side of the strap measures approx. 18-19" long.

At the top of the cover, there is a long strip of hook and loop tape (aka Velcro).  This is to keep the top of the bag closed and to help keep the tubing in place.  As you can also see in this picture, the inside of the bag is lined with another cotton fabric for added strength and durability and it is machine washable.  (I can add a PUL fabric liner instead to the bag to help prevent leaks as a custom request in my shop for a small additional charge.)

After I began to make bag covers, I began to get requests for a small opening at the bottom of the cover so that folks could drain their bags without taking the cover off.  Our bag covers now have a 4" opening at the bottom for this purpose.  When not in use, the opening closes with hook and loop tape.

The single strap is maybe about 18" at its longest length.  It is NOT a cross body or shoulder strap (we do carry those in the Etsy shop though).  Before I made the cross body straps, I had folks order the bag covers thinking the strap was long enough to go over the shoulder. This is just a picture to show that it definitely isn't a shoulder strap and to show the proportion of it on my mannequin.

I also offer tubing covers in matching fabric which I will discuss in my next blog post.  Here is a picture of how it works with this style catheter bag cover.  There are small hook and loop tabs at the top to hold it in place at the top of the bag cover.  

I hope that this helps to answer some of the questions about the 2000mL catheter bag covers that are in our shop.  I make each of them as they are ordered and am always looking for new and different fabrics.  I also take custom requests and am happy to look for a particular themed fabric.  

You can see what I currently have available in my Etsy shop at

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this type of bag cover! 

Friday, March 23, 2018

It's Spring!

It is finally spring here in North Carolina although the temperatures are staying on the cool side.  Trees are budding and allergy season is in full swing.  We have had a lot of rain lately which has really helped to wash away the pollen but I see pools of yellow on the sidewalk when I walk Mason (our Springer Spaniel).

So it has been awhile since I have posted, and honestly, I have questioned as to whether or not I want to continue blogging.  I have to decided to try and become more organized and more intentional with my posting on my blog, Facebook and Pinterest.  I wrote a weekly schedule for myself on when to post and ideas on what to post so we will see how it goes and if I can keep up with it.

Here is what I have been working on this past week...

I have been able to resume my sewing for charity.  I had taken some time off due to life just getting in the way and some of the medical issues that popped up last year for our family. I missed sewing these sweet little items. Here are some pillowcases that I made for  The group provides the flannel and I just saw them together. They provide sunshine boxes to those starting chemo treatments in Charlotte.

I was also able to make it to the most recent Charlotte Threads of Love meeting in Concord and drop off some finished items and pick up some to work on.  They make and deliver to local hospitals for NICU babies.  My girls were NICU babies for 5 and 6 weeks so this one is near and dear to my heart.  I have little blankets and snugglies (positioning aids) to work on.  

I also had the opportunity to make a Minnie catheter bag cover for a special little girl on the west coast.  I don't normally carry licensed fabrics in my Etsy shop but when a mom makes a special request, I do purchase the fabric as a custom order only.  She also ordered a cat catheter bag cover as well.  I hope she loves them!

I was able to get closer to my goal this week of having 30 items listed in my Etsy shop.  I added some  catheter tubing covers as single listings.  I sometimes have fabric left over and can't make a bag cover  but I can make tubing cover so I will be listing them.  Here are a couple of tubing covers that are in the shop now.  They are 42" long and have Velcro strips all along the edge for easy on and off.  I can also make them in different lengths as well.

I also added some some wheelchair/walker bags to the shop as well.  I had sold out of the larger ones during the holidays and had trouble re-stocking the shop and keeping it stocked.  I just love making these bags and seeing how the color combinations work out.  They also work for use on a stroller as well to keep things like a pacifier or sippy cup handy.

Off to start another weekend!  We are into watching the NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness and this is a great weekend for that.  Other than that, hopefully a relaxing and low key weekend!  What are you up to this weekend?