Friday, July 8, 2022

Catheter Bag Cover 2000mL with Cross Body Strap

 This blue catheter bag cover was a custom order that I finished and shipped earlier this week.  Here are some the special features that the customer requested.

The customer requested a longer strap (78”) for her husband. I have even made 84” straps for folks that are taller and have a larger build. The normal length of a cross body strap for a large catheter bag cover is 72”.

She also requested that the 4” Velcro opening at the bottom of the bag be extended to the entire bottom of the bag (entire width).  She didn’t elaborate on her reason for this but it was an easy enough change.

Lastly, that side strap. They wanted a strap sewn onto the bag that could go around the patient’s leg to keep the bag from moving around too much.  This adjustable strap would go around his thigh to keep it in place.  The strap is adjusted and secured with two d-rings. 

If you need a catheter or nephrostomy bag cover with special features or want to leave off the bottom opening or top Velcro, let me know before ordering and I can set up a special order for you!

Visit my shop at to see what is new! 

Friday, November 5, 2021

Cross Body Catheter Bag Cover for 2000mL Drainage Bag

 The year is coming to an end so I have been busy looking through my inventory of fabrics and will soon be counting all that is leftover for the year.  My hope is to list some of my newer fabrics before the end of the year to lessen that inventory count.

This fabric is so pretty with its vibrant colors.  It is a pink and orange paisley on a beige background.  The fabric is medium weight...not too light and not too heavy.  It also machine washes very well and can be thrown in the dryer. 

This is the Cross Body Catheter Bag Cover for a 2000mL drainage bag.  The cross body strap is fully adjustable with metal hardware and can be extended to 72".  This length is good for folks with different heights and builds. If you are in need of a longer strap, I can make the strap 84...just message me before ordering to make sure I can make the fabric adjustment. Straps are 1.5" wide.

There is a 8.5" strip of Velcro at the top to close the bag and a 4" opening at the bottom (that also closes with Velcro) that can be used to drain the bag without taking the cover off.  I do have some folks that prefer less Velcro due to arthritis in the hands so feel free to message me if that is the case in your situation.


Feel free to message me if you have any questions on this bag cover style or if you would prefer it in a different fabric you see in the Etsy Shop or need to make some changes on your order.  Hope you have a great fall weekend!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Brown Plaid Catheter and Nephrostomy Bag Covers

 This week has been one of flux and change.  Our girls were home doing virtual learning for school (they go back in person on Monday, yay!).  The work being done on our home was wrapped up for now.  With lots of new paint, things are looking brighter and different in our house. 

 Etsy was a little quiet for most of the week which was actually good for me to finish end of year financial statements and do some organization of supplies.  Then, the shop took on more orders and things became busy again.  

 I was able to add some new items to the shop this week.  This is a new fabric that I purchased a while ago but it just took me a while to get to sewing with it.  I receive SO many orders for solid color bag covers that I have to really work to keep my head above water with them.

Nephrostomy Bag Cover for a 600mL drainage bag

 This bag cover has a cross body strap that is available in a 60" or a 72" length.  The strap length is adjustable with metal hardware sewn in.  The top of the bag closes with Velcro and there is a 4" opening at the bottom of the bag that also closes with Velcro. This opening is to help make it easier to drain the bag without having to take it out of the cover.  

 This size bag cover does have an optional outside pocket which measure approx. 8" tall by the width of the bag that is available for $3 using this link: Outside Pocket 

 The pocket would be the same fabric as the bag. A 22" tubing cover is also available at checkout for $10.  If you should need a custom sized tubing cover, just send me an Etsy message before ordering to make arrangements.

 This larger bag has many of the same features as the nephrostomy bag cover.  It has openings at the top and bottom of the bag that close with Velcro.  It also has a cross body strap that is 72" and is fully adjustable with metal hardware.  If a longer strap is needed (84") for larger and taller builds, just message me before ordering to make sure that I have the extra fabric to add on.  


 The outside pocket is also an option for this bag.  The pocket measure approx. 8"x8" and closes at the top with a small strip of Velcro.  The optional pocket can be purchased for $3 using the link that I posted above.  

A 42" tubing cover in matching fabric is also available at checkout for $16.  

Small Wheelchair/Walker Bag in Atrium Mint Fabric

I have started to make wheelchair/walker bags again!  I have so many different beautiful fabrics and my goal this year is to use them all to make wheelchair/walker totes.  

This is the smaller bag/pouch and it is perfect for holding a cell phone, small wallet, keys, glasses, etc.  The top of the bag is open to make it easy to reach in.  The straps are also adjustable on this bag. I did have one customer buy one for her mom to use on her walker to bring back snacks from the dining room at her living facility after meals.  I also have had some folks buy them for their daughters at college.  Each strap detaches on one end with Velcro so it is easy to loop over the sides slats on the college bunk beds.  College kids can keep their phone, pens, glasses, etc. close by when needed.

If you have any questions about the above items or any of the items listed in my Etsy shop, please feel free to contact me.  That is all for now...hope you have a great weekend!  Stay warm!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A New Fabric Choice and A New Fabric Store to Love

It has been quite a few months since I have posted on the blog. With the start of a new school year for my girls and the start of the holiday season, I thought it would be great time to put some new energy into the blog and begin writing again.

Last week, I drove to New York to visit my parents and to help care for my mom who was being released from a nursing rehab facility. She had surgery in September for colon cancer and wasstill struggling to gain her strength back.  I spent time cleaning and cooking/freezing some meals for them while also keeping them company.  I think my Dad had become lonely in the house by himself the 3-4 weeks she was gone so he enjoyed having someone to tell stories to.

While driving back on Sunday, I decided to stop at the Fancy Gap Pottery and Fabric Outlet in Fancy Gap, VA.  It is conveniently located right off the exit on I-77 and it came at a perfect point in my trip to stop and stretch the legs.

This store was more than I had hoped for!  I had never been in the store and wasn't sure what to expect.  They had SO much to look through but I decided (for the sake of time) to focus on cotton prints for quilting and bag making. I did look at the flannel quickly but nothing caught my eye like it did in the quilter's cottons.  The prices were very reasonable and it was hard to not go up to the cutting counter with an armful of bolts!  Many of the fabrics were the same as I had seen online from other retailers and were less expensive at this store.

Here are the prints that I chose. I bought 2-4 yards of all but the glasses print (I only bought one yard).

They had some of the most colorful and fun prints!  I also went to the pottery side of the store and purchased a new top for my birdbath (I had dropped my previous one and it broke into two pieces).  I was actually very excited about that as well as it can be hard to find a store that will only sell you one part of a birdbath and not the whole thing.

This week in my Etsy shop, I have added a new fabric to the catheter bag and nephrostomy bag choices.  I purchased this fabric a while ago along with several others but thought it looked like a fall print and so I saved it until now.  I just love this beige paisley print.

This is a cross body bag cover for 600ml drainage bag or nephrostomy bag. It has a 60" long strap that can be adjusted with the metal hardware.

This is a cross body bag for a 2000ml catheter bag cover and it also comes with a 60" adjustable strap but I do offer to make it longer for those who may be taller or a larger build.  

The rest of this week will be busy with Etsy orders and personal sewing, our dog Mason has his next chemo treatment tomorrow, and our girls have off from school half day tomorrow and full day on Friday.  I will make sure to post some pictures of the personal sewing I am doing as I am having fun with it!

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Favorite Fabric has been Discontinued

While we were in NY visiting family over the holidays, I looked online and realized that the most popular fabric in my shop has been discontinued!  I bought what I could at a store up there but I cannot find it anywhere close to me here in NC.

This is the fabric that I am so sad to see go.

This is such a great fabric with a graphite gray dot color scheme.  It has been the most popular non-solid fabric in my shop for catheter bag, tubing and nephrostomy bag covers. I do have some of this fabric left and can make a couple more items in the shop.  I did write to the company to see if I could get one more bolt but I have not heard back yet.  I will keep everyone posted though!  I hope to bring some new fabrics into the shop that will be just as great.